Today 13/08 our volunteers from the project Youth For Elders Lisa Weigl and Michaela Url were leading a workshop for elderly, in cooperation with the association UOSI Vuka from Vukovar.

According to their feedback, the participants were particularly involved in the activity proposed by the two Austrian volunteers: making their own carton frames with acrylic paint, glitter, plastic crystals, and lots of creativity. It only takes a blink of an eye to go back to childhood during an activity like this - in fact, these wonderful elderly are like kids with a lifetime experience, still with a lot of will to create and use their hands, keeping their minds and brains as active as possible while the years go passing by.

Indeed, they showed a real burst of colors, great ideas and peculiar inspiration - red, green, white, sparkles and dates of their most important recurrences took their own spot on their frames. Hot paint brushes (like the weather today) and curious hands made out of regular pieces of carton... real, wonderful artworks that will color their best memories with their kids and grandchildren.

Scilla D'Innocenzio