Number of volunteers hosted: 2 volunteers, from October 2019 to September 2020. Any EU citizens  or residents in an EU country. Apply through Youth Peace Group Danube. smile

This project is a unique occasion for volunteers who want to participate in the field of youth information, EU project management and communication.

The EVS will include many of our field areas: cultural/educational/social events, management information about cultural opportunities, database and mapping of projects in Spain and Europe, social networks, SEO, web tools 2.0 for project management and education, provide informative sessions, support the EU Programmes Department, cultural documentation and research, etc. Most of our activities are done through the Internet. No previous knowledge is needed, however relevant experience and studies related will be taken into consideration.

Our projects will allow volunteers to learn Spanish, carry out EU projects, live in a new country, increase professional chances in the field of education, youth work and youth information.

More info and how to apply.