Training Course

15-22 December 2019 | Antalya, Turkey

The training is based on the legal empowerment model to increase the competences of youth workers for working with vulnerable populations to increase their knowledge related to legal issues specifically based social rights. ( )

The planned training course works on empowerment and conflict management in the context of youth services and youth policies and it is focused to increase the awareness of youth workers on social problems and make them taking initiative on changing the issues that the social excluded young people facing in their daily life. Therefore, we planned to implement this project to increase the capacities of youth workers as well as the young people long run to teach them about human rights violations ( i.e. discrimination in work place / or during the study due to skin color, race or religion etc. ) and tackle with this violations through out the legal empowerment in European Context by qualifying youth workers as paralegals. As a result of that, the participants will be enabled to design, implement and evaluate their own paralegal support mechanisms and they will be able to deliver counseling for the socially excluded young people. 

Objectives of the training activity: 
1) To increase awareness of youth workers on human rights violations and qualifying them as change makers to address the legal needs of disadvantaged societies;
2) To address the common issues that socially excluded people are facing ( gender-based violence, sexual abuse, racism, discrimination ) and its legal effects;
3) To inform youth workers about New Tactics on Human Rights and raise an awareness and create a knowledge about fundamental human rights;
4) To create further partnerships on human rights and cross-cutting issues. 

The training course on legal empowerment and para-legal counseling will focused on : human rights violations, the legal procedures, new tactics on human rights, social rights and counselling for socially excluded people and Erasmus+ Programme. It will be implemented for 8 days ( including arrival and departure times ) between 15-22 December 2019 with involvement of the participants from 9 countries. 

Daily Program of Training Course : For the detailed program please consult the activity table. 
1st Day : Arrivals, Welcome Evening 
2nd Day : Getting to Know Each Other, Ice-Breakers, Non-Formal Education, Expectations, Youthpass 
3rd Day : What's Community Based Paralegal Support Mechanism?, Empowerment / Legal Empowerment, Laws and Regulations 
4th Day : Social Rights ( Education, Health, Employment, Housing and Property ) 
5th Day : Cultural Visits & NGO Study Visits,Conflict Management, Social Conflicts 
6th Day : Communication Techniques in Consulting Process,Working with Public Organizations 
7th Day : Social Rights Concept during Information Process, Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies, Erasmus+ and Project Management 
8th Day : Departures  

Methodology of the Training Course : 
The methods will be based on the newly developed curricula and based on the EU Training Manuals ( Compass, All Different and All Equal Education Pack developed by CoE ) and Theory of Change Methodology. Furthermore, the trainers will develop new methodologies from their own toolkits. The methods will be based on experiential learning and non-formal education methodology to foster the self-directed learning process of participants and increase their involvement to the training courses. 

The trainers will implement activities based on individual reflections, group work, plenary debates, team-building exercises as well as complex simulations, role plays and forum theatre methodologies to increase the emotional and cognitive involvement of participants to the learning process. 

Participant Profile : 
- 18+ years old;
- have been delivering educational activities or counselling for the young people; 
- has a prior exposure to non-formal education activities; 
- willing to work intercultural setting; 
- has attentiveness to learn empowerment programs, legal issues and social rights; 
- has a sufficient level of English ( B1-C1 ).

Your kind of training?

Apply now! Application deadline (24h UTC): 24 November 2019Date of selection: 25 November 2019

This Training Course is for 30 participants

from Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Spain

and recommended for Youth workers, Trainers, Youth project managers, Youth coaches, Youth researchers

Working language(s): English

Organiser: Uluslararası Girişimcilik Derneği (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Volkan Canıtez


Phone: +905416945074

Costs: Participation fee

There is no participation fee is requested. 

Accommodation and food

The organisation and costs for accomodation and food will be provided free during the training course.