With this article we are starting a new series of articles about our volunteers. Our french volunteer Oriane wrote this charming article about our local volunteer Romana.

As a local resident, Romana decided to start a volunteering in her town. You probably don’t know but her goal is to enter the Police Academy in Zagreb. Volunteering in YPGD represented a good opportunity for her to help the community and to meet a lot of different and new people.

Romana is always ready to give the best of herself to help other and she is a very sociable person, she loves her friends and family so much that whenever she has free moment, she spends it with them.

As we started this adventure together, I have lots of memories that comes to my mind right now. I remember when we spent hours and hours trying to film our first video by fixing the phone with tape to a chair, or when we had giggles making our own bloopers, or when we had to paint big boards and we ended up with paint everywhere.

I wish you to meet her in the streets of Vukovar… maybe in police uniform, who knows ?!