We are continuing our series of articles about YPGD volunteers. Next in line is Saul, who wrote this article about his fellow Spanish volunteer Vanesa.

Vanesa is a Spanish volunteer (from Valencia, you have to remember this) who came to Vukovar more than two months ago. Since then, she has become our favourite friend, organizer and cook of the house.

She is 22 years old, and she is studying a double degree in law and criminology in the University of Valencia. In fact, she is doing an international program in Russia right now, but with all the corona restrictions she couldn´t travel to Russia so she is doing her degree there online… being here in Croatia. It was really a shame because she loves everything about Russian culture. In fact, she looks a bit Russian.

All these "catastrophic misfortunes", as she says (you can see how she is really dramatic), have brought her to Vukovar, where she is enjoying a lot although she is frequently complaining. Actually, she is a really funny person, so she is always laughing about her “bad luck”.

In the short time we have known each other we have gained a lot of confidence and I love being able to talk about the life and our personal experiences with her. Both of us are people that really love to travel, and we have been able to enjoy many experiences in our young life. For example, she has lived in India, UK, Lithuania, Bulgaria and now here in Croatia. Maybe that's why she's so good at organizing trips. In addition, all this experience travelling will surely help she a lot to get her future job in the intelligence services.

However, she doesn´t forget her roots and she is very cute always that she talks on the phone with her grandmother, her dogs or she is defending the Valencian customs.