Romana, our local volunteer chose to write about Oriane - no surprise, since they are best friends in the organization. Take a look and see how she introduced Oriane and what she had to say about their friendship and future plans together.

Oriane is 22 years old and she is from Orléans, a town near Paris in France.

She studies psychology. She decided to take a gap year because she always wanted to travel alone and discover new countires and cultures so she came to volunteer in Vukovar. Oriane loves kids and she picked Vukovar because she saw that YPGD is working a lot with children and also because she was really interested in town history. She has a french degree for work with children. A very few people know this,but Ori worked in an Italian restaurant when she was in France.

When she first came to Vukovar, she was a bit scared and she wasn't so sure that she could live her for 8 months. I tryed to give her support and after some time she adapted to life here. Now, Ori is like a local and everyone treat her like that. I admire her for that and she showed everyone how strong and persistent she is. Months and months were passing and she  has been here for 7 months already. I think time is passing by fast when you have fun and we definitely had a lot of fun together. We made so much memories that I will never forget. Oriane will only be here for one more month and I hope we will meet soon and I wish her to make all her dreams to come true.