It is always easier when you have people from your own country living with you in a foreign country. Vanesa and Saul are happy to have each other as evident by Saul's article you had the chance to already read. Now take a look at what Vanesa had to say about their common culture, friendship and her perspective on Saul in general.

He is one of my fellow volunteers, he is also Spanish. He arrived a little over a month ago and therefore, I have known him recently, but he is a great friend and a great person.

In such a short time we have lived our day to day, experiences, trips and even his 23rd birthday! A very remarkable characteristic of him is his kindness and that he is always smiling.

Last year he finished his university degree in international studies with good marks, but destiny brought him here with us to enjoy this very special experience in Vukovar after his time in Petrinja ended because of the earthquake. He is a good housemate, perhaps from his previous experiences traveling. He does not complain, he does not make dirty, he helps in everything he can and always with a good attitude, an aspect that I like because it compensates for my moments of stress when something is not organized in the house.

During his 4-year career in Madrid, he had the opportunity to go on Erasmus to Portugal and with the International Program to Brazil, so he speaks a little Portuguese. At the same time, he is now improving his English, and learning a bit of Croatian.

He is also a sporty boy, in Mostoles (Madrid) he used to train handball and here in Croatia he helps the water polo coaches in the kid’s trainings.

It is good to have another Spaniard at home so that from time to time we can speak in our mother tongue and help each other with English. We have spent many pleasant moments talking about our lives, what we want to do in the future and of course, cooking Spanish food for the rest of the housemates. The Spanish omelet made by the two of us tastes much better.

Wasn’t easy for him to arrive Vukovar since once he had bought flights and everything was ready to come after the Christmas holidays and after finding another host organization where he could volunteer after Petrinja, he tested positive in Coronavirus so he had to spend 2 weeks of quarantine in his house. He arrived later than expected, but we organized a great welcome party for him.

I'm glad to have met him and to think that we still have half of this experience and we will have more unforgettable moments to remember forever. Everything learned here will be useful for him in the future to get his desired job establishing cooperation projects in an international organization in order to contribute to make the world a fairer place.