Last week YPGD started a new volunteer action in Strukovna Skola Marka Babica High School in Borovo Naselje, Vukovar.

The direction of the high school changed, Rudolf Tomic the new principal is convinced to make some changes and redecorate the high school whose courtyard and outdoor infrastructures had been somewhat forgotten without much investment and for that he requested our help.


It is always a pleasure for us as volunteers to help make Vukovar a better place, and what other more satisfying way than to help improve the local high school, where young people learn, study and get prepared for their future.

 That morning, we woke up early, we have dressed in old clothes and were given t-shirts to promote the "Zajedno - Za jedno" project while we worked.

 Upon arrival the director and some of the teachers welcomed us very kindly and offered us some soft drinks and coffee. Then they explained to us what they needed us to do little by little: paint benches, fences, fix the garden and so on.  



Currently we have been a couple of times and we will go again every week until everything is perfect.


 This is the beginning of a great collaboration between Strukovna Skola Marka Babica and YPGD and to celebrate it, the school organized a delicious meal for all of us.



We will be back to help out soon and hopefully before our volunteer projects finish school will be ready.