Volunteering action in Dunavski Raj


A few months ago, we, volunteers in YPGD started to volunteer in the horse center Dunavski Raj in Vukovar.


Indeed, we love animals and there it’s definitely an animal paradise: cats, dogs, horses everywhere. Especially our French volunteer Oriane who used to practise horse riding for 8 years, she is literally in her element.

We used to go there once or twice a week. On Thursday it’s therapy with disabled kids, so we bring our help every week for this occasion. It is really interesting to see how mediation by horses can be really useful regarding development of motricity, communication, emotions …

Also, one of our mission is to walk the 2 dogs Aron and Rea. And during one of this walking time, we found a little dog that we called Zemi, we believe him to be a stray dog. We brought him with us and now he is staying at our place while waiting to find him a home for life.



Usually, our role is to help with cleaning tasks, with some physical work within the place, but also with grooming horses, welcoming visitors … And it represents a good opportunity to develop skills through these activities :

Taking care of the leather material, by greasing it, is important so that it does not get damaged, so we help with that too (as you can see on the third picture above).

And to end this article, here are some pictures of us when we had the opportunity to ride Contador, one of the horses ! It was really nice sensation, we hope to repeat the experience...