Saúl, our volunteer from Spain is volunteering at the Vaterpolo Club here in Vukovar. Take a look at his experience working there as the assistent coach.

Two months ago, I was asked to do part of my volunteer work helping the water polo coaches of the Vaterpolo club Vukovar. One of the coaches had been living and coaching a club in San Sebastian, Spain, so he knew Spanish and it could be easier to communicate with him.

For me it was a great idea and a good way to continue learning how to train children even if it is in other sport that I am not used to. I have played handball for more than 10 years and I was training children for two years in Spain. Although they are totally different sports, there are many elements when you are training children that are similar in handball, water polo and many other sports. The most important difference between both sports is, of course, the different preparation to be a whole match swimming or running. But what interested me the most is how to work with groups of children of different ages and in that there are no big differences.

In the Vaterpolo club Vukovar there are four groups of kids of different ages. As a volunteer I take care of the warm-up and the physical part that the two groups of older children do at the beginning of the trsinning. This part of the training takes place out of the water and is practically the same in all sports.